Our flagshipstore in Nuremberg


press release

The SHEEPWORLD AG has opened its first flagship store “DIE GESCHENKEWELT” in the heart of downtown Nuremberg. The flagship store will be officially opened with exciting offers from 15 to 18 June 2016th.

The new flagship store offers an innovative concept on 250 m² that is unique in Germany. In emotion-Areas the entire product range will be presented in a sensational way and with great attention to detail. The customer can explore over 2.500 gift ideas from the brands sheepworld, my beautytree, Wortheld, GRUSS & CO and H:)PPYlife.

Target of SHEEPWORLD AG is to provide a multi-channel network of existing online channels, such as the online store “die-geschenkewelt.de” and the app of the same name with the new offline channel. In addition, the flagship store has a significant marketing effect, which strengthens the presence in highly frequented location and thus the image of SHEEPWORLD AG.